What's Up? Hot Dog! serves up some of Vancouer's best cauliflower wings.

What's Up? Hot Dog! serves up some of Vancouer's best cauliflower wings.

By Sujinder Juneja

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

We all want a neighborhood pub (within walking distance from home) that one could roll into a few times a week, just for a quick drink (or two), a tasty snack, and a shared smile and a laugh with the other regulars.

How you doin’ tonight, Joe?”, you’d say, as you sidle up to the bar.

Pretty good, Suj. Same ol’ same ol’,” Joe would say with a wink. “The usual?” he would say, as he reaches for a chilled glass and prepares to draw a frosty, golden pint.

You know me well,” you’d chuckle, in anticipation of that refreshing first post-work sip.

If What’s Up? Hot Dog! was your neighborhood pub, nine times out of ten you should follow up that pint with a basket of their must-try vegan wings. Seriously addictive, you may not want to share, but it is recommended to order extras to take home. Your partner will thank you, or you can eat them later.

For just $10 per basket (unbelievably priced at $5 every Monday from 6pm to close) the Fricken’ (Vegan) Wings are nothing short of spectacular. Ever the purists, consider the hot wings, made from bite-sized florets of cauliflower battered and deep-fried to a perfectly crispy consistency. Coated in a spicy buffalo (Louisiana-style cayenne pepper sauce), you can dip each piece in the house made Caesar dip, also vegan and hella good.

Next time, make sure to bring the whole family so you can order one of each flavour: BBQ, spicy peanut, salt n pepper and lemon pepper. There’s also ACTUAL HELL, for which you have to sign a waiver (seriously), but if you do eat the whole basket (no dip), you get your polaroid mugshot on the wall of fame, Man v. Food style.

Two other things we like about What’s Up? Hot Dog!:

-> The inclusive house rules include has a “no homophobic/transphobic/racist/sexist remarks” policy. Any audible comments of the sort will be dealt with by a swift boot from the establishment.

-> No hockey on the TV. Ever. The punk playlist blaring in the background is the only soundtrack you need for a perfect evening out.

Watch for a feature review on What’s Up? Hot Dog!’s latest cocktails, coming soon to The Planter’s Guide.

What: Fricken’ (Vegan) Wings - hot

Where: What’s Up? Hot Dog!, 2481 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Price: $10 / basket ($5 on Mondays from 6pm to close)