Your weekend just got tastier.  Photo credit: Allison Kuhl Photography

Your weekend just got tastier. Photo credit: Allison Kuhl Photography

The Planter's Guide contributor Brooke Takhar shares her favourite places and products to imbibe, ingest & inhale in her beloved Vancouver.

By Brooke Takhar

Lately, weekend mornings have been a whole lot of me shoving cereal and a spoon at my daughter while I go hide back in bed with a cold coffee, my laptop and deadlines with teeth.

Productive, yes. Devastatingly boring, absolutely.

After a long week, I deserve more.

So, on a recent overcast Saturday it was such a pleasure to be invited out of the apartment and enveloped in the warm walls of Burdock and Co. Tucked on a quiet corner of Main Street, Owner and Chef Andrea Carlson has created a space that feels like a second home.

After years of obsessively watching cooking documentaries on Netflix, an open kitchen is like pornography for me. Watching the smooth mechanics of many flavourful meals coming together right in front of your eyes gives you such an appreciation for the art of timing and teamwork.

I’m not the only one enchanted; Burdock & Co won the Gold award for “Best Brunch” and “BestWest Coast” at the 2018 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards.

Chef Carlson was an early champion of sourcing homegrown ingredients (she developed Vancouver’s now-legendary 100-Mile Menu) and her signature style of cooking captures the essence of farm-to-table dining.

Plant based dishes are not just an afterthought. Burdock & Co’s vegetable-forward menu changes frequently to reflect seasonal availability.

On the current #BurdockBrunch menu there are hearty and delicious options for vegetarians, vegans, diners avoiding gluten and your friends who are obsessed with their crispy fried chicken, now a menu staple due to customer demand.

After we had placed our orders, my dining companions and I chatted as they gobbled down warm soda bread and I sipped on a cup of gently steaming coffee, aromatic with a velvety snap in the back of my throat.

Once the main dishes arrived, the table silenced as we sampled all the elements of our brunch dishes. Over the years I have eaten bushels of well-intentioned but still woefully dry and crumbly gluten free baked goods, so believe me when I say their gluten free scone is a marvel. Nestled under a blanket of smashed creamy avocado, it was the perfect thickness and density, with a glorious texture that all celiacs chase: chewy with crispy edges.

Brunch may seem like a Sex and The City cliché for my generation, but there’s a good reason why we love it. It’s an extra meal in the day to gather far flung friends and enjoy fine food while catching up on all the big and small details of our lives.

I highly recommend you reserve a spot at #BurdockBrunch before “holiday obligation” season begins. You deserve it too.

#BurdockBrunch is served 10:00 AM-2:00 PM Sat & Sun.

For reservations and a full perusal of their current menu, click over to

You can also find them on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Brooke Takhar is a Gastown-based writer, performer, gossip-monger and Mom. She blogs about pop culture, parenting and poop at, and is the Community Manager for The Planter's Guide. She enjoys being early, being right, black coffee, and true crime.