The snacks you crave from childhood, only better! Photo credit: Hippie Snacks

The snacks you crave from childhood, only better! Photo credit: Hippie Snacks

The Planter's Guide is pleased to welcome back contributor, Brooke Takhar, who will share her favourite places and products to imbibe, ingest & inhale in her beloved Vancouver.

By Brooke Takhar

My favourite meal of the day is Snack Time. It’s real, completely flexible and indulgent. There are no rules for what time of day it happens, or portion size, and ideally there are no dishes involved.

I was born in the late 70s, so my childhood snacks were rife with concerning amounts of sugar and additives. I remember sitting on a friend’s kitchen counter, happily swinging my legs above the warped formica floor and systematically destroying an entire box of “fruit-flavoured” rolled leather washed down with a litre of “fruit punch.”

We were free range in the 80s! 

Was I happy? Absolutely!

Was my blood 30% fructose? Absolutely!

No parents, no protein, no problem!

As an adult I like to think I can eat like a 12 year old but my metabolism is broken and sugar makes me nap. Today I can’t hop up on kitchen counters without a stool and a spotter. I tire watching other people run. I prefer my drinking water to be warm. 

(Don’t get old. Everything is gross.)

The only thing good about being this ancient in 2018 is that snacks are now universally beloved AND glorious companies are creating healthy snacks that taste really really good. 

At the Veg Expo in the summer, after I tried a handful of Hippie Snacks Crispy Onion Seed & Nut Clusters I became belligerent and insistent that everyone within arm’s reach “TRY THIS NOW OH MY GOD IT’S SO GOOD.”

Hippie Snacks had been on my Snack Radar because of how much I thoroughly enjoyed their crispy coconut chips as a 3PM pick-me-up. Their name alone whispers in my ear, “Brooke, take a seat, put your feet up, I will feed you snacks upon snacks, and you will be at peace."

Hippie Snacks takes the art of snacking very seriously. Sustainability and a “doing the right thing” mentality was built into the core of the company before there was mass demand for organic foods.

“Real Food Tastes Better” is Hippie Snacks’ slogan. Consciously choosing to produce a healthy, sustainable product with high quality ingredients may be more expensive, but they believe this is the right way to approach food. 

I approach food mouth first so I’m clearly not an expert but I can tell you this, the Sweet Coconut Seed and Nut Clusters are also so good if I could shove a handful in your face right now I would. 

As much as I recommend having packages of these clusters in your life, one of their new products has the biggest reserved spot in my heart. Their Organic Sesame Snack is a healthier take on my all-time favourite childhood snack. Their version doesn’t require a chainsaw to get the seeds out of my molars, it has 35% less sugar, and added black sesame seeds for a kick of extra fibre and crunch. 

I shared one with my 8-year-old daughter last week and she also loved them. Our mutual love for snacks makes my heart swell and I feel like a better parent when I introduce her to delicious things that are also healthy. 

Did she ask for another one? Absolutely! 

Did I lie so I didn’t have the share the last one? Absolutely!

Find out more about Hippie Snacks award-winning (and B Corp approved!) snacks and new products on their website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


(Hippie Snacks kindly provided me with samples of their snacks but all opinions are my own.)

Brooke Takhar is a Gastown-based writer, performer, gossip-monger and Mom. She blogs about pop culture, parenting and poop at, and is the Community Manager for The Planter's Guide. She enjoys being early, being right, black coffee, and true crime.