Herbaland makes gummy vitamins for the whole family. Photo credit: Herbaland

Herbaland makes gummy vitamins for the whole family. Photo credit: Herbaland

The Planter's Guide is pleased to welcome new contributor, Brooke Takhar, who will share her favourite places and products to imbibe, ingest & inhale in her beloved Vancouver.

By Brooke Takhar

If I had to post a daily journal of the food I eat, people would think I was a lazy raccoon. 

As a busy Mom I make sure my 8-year-old hits all her dietary requirements for the day, then I lean over the sink and eat the “weird” berries that she turned her nose up at, half a piece of cinnamon toast and a flat can of Coke. 

As an educated woman who is closer to death than puberty, I know I can do better with what I choose to put in my exhausted jaws. Every ache or twinge is now a frantic WebMD search. I can do better. I need to do better. 

For the days (okay, weeks) where my diet is pitiful, I now have a good shortcut to self-care. Taking a daily supplement feels like I’m being kinder to myself, and I found one that tastes like candy (hand to heart they are so good I could eat a handful), made by Herbaland.

I first sampled their vegan D3 and B12 gummy vitamin at this summer’s Veg Expo. Even though their booth had a large bear mascot (which typically gives me heart palpitations because I know there is someone in there but I can’t see their eyes so they MUST be judging me) I swallowed my irrational fears along with that delicious gummy vitamin, which contains 100% of your Daily Value of D3 and 50% of your B12.

They earned their spot at Veg Expo, and attracted the clusters of crowds to their samples, because of their decision to create an inclusive product line that excludes gelatin as well as top allergens like soy, dairy, and nuts. Herbaland noticed that many companies were not addressing the needs of folks who are vegan. For example, D3 is found mostly in animal sources. (Their D3 is derived from lichen!) I have celiac disease and my daughter has a peanut allergy so as a chronic ingredient/label reader it’s comforting to know Herbaland gummies are safe for both of us.

After all, good health should be available to everyone regardless of allergies, dietary choices and whether they just downed another flat Coke for breakfast (ahem). 

You can find more details about their products on their website, including their newly launched goji-berry beauty gummy for Hair, Skin and Nail health.

You can also find Herbaland on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Brooke Takhar is a Gastown-based writer, performer, gossip-monger and Mom. She blogs about pop culture, parenting and poop at missteenussr.com, and is the Community Manager for The Planter's Guide. She enjoys being early, being right, black coffee, and true crime.