While most wine is best enjoyed with friends, Donita Dyer met her match with the 2016  Terra Vecchia   Corse   Rosé , almost too good to share.

While most wine is best enjoyed with friends, Donita Dyer met her match with the 2016 Terra Vecchia Corse Rosé, almost too good to share.

By Donita Dyer

As it’s my mission to spread the love of Rosé wine, I recently invited some friends over for a spontaneous dinner to share a new bottle I’d found and was very excited to try. Now, normally I would open a wine, we’d all taste it, and I'd happily make sure their glasses stayed topped up until that bottle was done.

However, this time was a little different.

I opened a bottle of the 2016 Terra Vecchia Corse Rosé from Corsica, France. I wanted to steal a sip before they arrived, as I was really curious. This is where my troubles began.

I REALLY liked it, and I kind of didn’t want to share it. But I had already talked it up! How was I going to say, “You cant have any, it’s too good and I want it to myself”?

Ideas began flowing in my mind… I could cancel due to a last minute flu? Or, I could pour it just for me and fill their glasses with something else? “No, that wont work” I thought, as they’d see what I was doing from my open concept kitchen!

And then they just buzzed from the downstairs lobby. It was too late!

So, I quickly devised a plan. I’d just pour a little in each glass, like a sample taste… you know, because it’s not “cold enough” and to make sure “they like it”. I’d drink mine, then sneakily fill my glass with a larger pour, then work my way around to their glasses with a smaller pour. Ha! Not ideal, but what was I to do?

They arrived, I poured the wine as per “my plan”, and they were all so busy chatting, they didn’t even notice. -> Insert witch-like laugh here <- And they all agreed with me, this Rosé was delicious!

The limestone soils on this Mediterranean island definitely contribute to the complexity of this wine. A mild sea-water wash over fresh ripe red berries; a back bone of dusty red cherries; candied lemon peel; a touch of tart grapefruit; and a savory herbal note that finished with juicy acidity.

Made from 60% Nielluccii (this is Corsica’s name for Sangiovese) and 40% Syrah. And they added just enough color from the skins to give it a beautiful light pink hue.

This would pair beautifully with sliced fresh peaches with basil, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with course salt; or freshly-grilled eggplant and even a fresh salad with grilled tofu and veggies.

This is such a gem, but then I think all wines from this island are a bit of a secret waiting to be discovered. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

What: 2016 Terra Vecchia Corse Rosé

Where: Legacy Liquor Store and other private liquor retailers across BC

Price: $26.00 + tax / 750ml

Besides being the Rosé correspondent for The Planter’s Guide, Donita Dyer is an in-demand wine professional and the founder of both Cork Affairs and Wine & Travel Concierge. Follow her on social @mizzdonita.