The TIME Winery Rosé gives Donita Dyer that schoolgirl excited kind of feeling. Photo Credit: Chris Stenberg.

The TIME Winery Rosé gives Donita Dyer that schoolgirl excited kind of feeling. Photo Credit: Chris Stenberg.

By Donita Dyer

I don’t know about you, but when I start to see buds on trees, and feel the temperature change in the air as Spring arrives, truth be told, I get a little giddy. Do you remember that schoolgirl excited kind of feeling?

If you’ve forgotten what ‘giddy’ looks like, Urban Dictionary explains it: “…as if you just saw a rock star, crush, celebrity, that made you seem speechless or incompetent of acting normal.” So for women, this could be seeing George Clooney at Starbucks; for men, perhaps it could be when Kate Upton says hello and smiles at you on the street.

And if I were to pick a wine style to match that “giddy” feeling, well… it would be Rosé wine every time. To me, it’s like a happy dance from winter to spring, from cozy and cold to fresh and warm. If this wine could talk, it would say “hello there, gorgeous!” And I am definitely drinking a wine that talks to me like that!

So as spring is arriving around British Columbia, it seems only fitting to share a must-have-giddy-inducing-wine that will help you transition from winter rain into buds and flowers. Intrigued?

Just chill a bottle of the 2017 TIME Winery Rosé, made from 100% Syrah grapes, and you’ll get fun notes of candied fruits and red liquorice on the nose; while it dances on your palate with red raspberries, a little citrus, a touch of bramble fruit and hints of orange peel.

It’s refreshing and fruit-driven, all rolled into one little pink package. And you’ll need this wine on hand for when you dust off that patio furniture for the first time; grilled zucchini and red pepper skewers with friends; Serve up an antipasto feast with BBQ’d marinated vegetables; or with a bruschetta platter including fresh tomatoes, fruits (think strawberries, cantaloupe) and pesto. And what’s even better news, it’s a local BC wine that is about to open a brand new downtown winery in the heart of Penticton in the South Okanagan Valley. Can anyone say “road trip?”

What: TIME Winery 2017 Rosé

Where: TIME Winery (opening this spring), 361 Martin Street, Penticton, BC, online at timewinery.com and various private retailers and restaurants across BC

Price: $22.99 / 750ml

Besides being the Rosé correspondent for The Planter’s Guide, Donita Dyer is an in-demand wine professional and the founder of both Cork Affairs and Wine & Travel Concierge. Follow her on social @mizzdonita.