Walter White is the 420 Weed of the Week.

Walter White is the 420 Weed of the Week.

By Sujinder Juneja

April 20th doesn’t always fall on a Friday, but in 2018, the year of proposed Canadian legalization, it provides us with the extra WOW for this edition’s ‘Weed of the Week’ feature.

This week, we suggest you pick up a gram or two of our new favourite, Walter White, from Vancouver’s Village Bloomery.

You’ll hear over the next several weeks and months about our unabashed love for this store, specifically for three reasons: the people, the people and the people.

It’s harder to find a more passionate, friendly, inclusive and educational group of staff in any retail location, cannabis or otherwise, and we hope that we can continue to purchase from them well past legalization. But we digress….

Walter White is a Sativa-dominant hybrid grown for a long time by a dedicated farmer on Texada Island. It is organically-grown and it has been tested to be free of pesticides and molds.

This strain was originally created by Mephisto Genetics, based on a cut of krome’s popular strain called The White, so named for its trademark dusting of white on the buds.

Walter White, similarly to the character in Breaking Bad, is far from one-dimensional, with surprise and intrigue lurking beneath its surface. It’s not what you expect.

The small, tight buds present with pale, green, tightly-wrapped leaves with a notable “dusting” that looks like it had spent time at a bakery.

Preparing the nuggets for inhalation, we were struck with prominent and delightful tropical aromas of kiwi, fresh mango and sweet red pepper that reminded us of a Thai curry.

Similar flavours emerged on the palate, with tropical citrus fruit notes combined with a basket of red berries, like raspberry and strawberry. Interesting and complex, the finish was reminiscent of a milky-sweet Vietnamese coffee, rounded out by a kiss of bitterness.

Unlike other Sativa-dominant hybrids we’ve experienced recently, the experience proved to be social and happy, but not giddy or goofy. Within a few minutes, there was a feeling of relaxation and soft buoyancy. I felt confident and social, and was able to let the “small stuff” roll right off my back.

Ultimately, this is a highly-recommended strain for a social and engaging celebration such as 420. It allows you to be upbeat and upright (ie: no couch-lock) without being uptight.

What: Walter White, a Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Where: Village Bloomery, Inner Courtyard, 206 - 1540 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver

Price: $10 / gram