Tantalus Labs’ Serratus is so beautiful to me, everything I hope for, everything I need.

Tantalus Labs’ Serratus is so beautiful to me, everything I hope for, everything I need.

By Sujinder Juneja

Happy 2019. I’m pleased to share our first WOW (Weed of the Week) of the year – the enigmatically-named Serratus from BC’s own Tantalus Labs.

Without even discussing the overwhelmingly charming personality of its outspoken CEO and co-founder Dan Sutton, there is a lot to appreciate about the company. What I love most about Tantalus is its commitment to producing flavourful, unique and sustainably-produced cultivars of cannabis that celebrates its literal roots. Not just the roots of the plant, either, but of the innovations and investment of the industry leaders that came before them. But more on that in a future article.

All of Tantalus’ strains (or cultivars, or chemovars, as you prefer) are produced under their proprietary #Sungrown method in a facility custom-built for premium cannabis production. Their environmental pillars include the use of full-spectrum sunlight (reducing electricity use), exclusive use of filtered rainwater (straight from heaven itself), consistently cycling airflow (no mould, no pests, no way), and incorporation of natural plant protection such as integrated pest management (good bugs eating the bad ones).

Serratus is a Type 1 cultivar, meaning that it is THC-predominant. In contrast, a Type 2 strain would feature a balanced THC and CBD cannabinoid profile, while a Type 3 would be CBD-predominant. The lab-tested THC on this lot was listed at 13.93%, what I’d consider mid-range. Little-to-no CBD here (0.06%).

Morphologically-speaking, Serratus is an indica-dominant hybrid, producing sage green buds that are more short, dense and round than they are loose and elongated, as a sativa-dominant hybrid would be. A close examination revealed a dusty blanket of creamy-white trichomes (the site of THC/CBD and terpene production), interwoven with butterscotch-coloured pistils (hairs).

Serratus is high in the terpenes (aromatic compounds) pinene, caryophyllene and myrcene, which combined nicely to produce aromas of fresh moss, sweetly-spiced coconut curry and dried strawberry. Starting with just one puff (with Type 1 strains, ALWAYS start low and go slow, my friends), the clean, smooth flavours included notes of sweet green grapes, kiwi and a touch of caramel and mushroom.

I spoke to Karli Fahlman, community manager at Tantalus Labs, who shared “our THC-dominant phenos are geared towards our most discerning users, and Serratus has been reviewed with enthusiasm by these enthusiasts. Many users find that the nuanced flavor and myrcene-dominant profile make it ideal for the end of the day."

Indeed, my experience began about 30 seconds after my first taste and while being softly relaxed, I remained upbeat and relatively focused. With THC in a comfortable mid-range, I didn’t get a twitchy feeling that sometimes accompanies higher-THC strains. Pinene contributed to the gentle lift, myrcene helped my uptight shoulders to come down, and caryophyllene took off any remaining emotional edges. I’d recommend this (as Karli does) for end-of day enjoyment, perhaps paired by a freshly-brewed pot of oolong or green tea.

What: Serratus, a Type 1 (THC-predominant) indica-dominant hybrid

Where: or by medical recommendation at

Price: $47.99 / 3.5 grams

* There are many factors that affect one’s experience with cannabis, including tolerance, body mass, mindset, potency and much more. Every person is different. Always start with a small dose before consuming more. Practice patience.