WestCanna's Forum Cut GSC is The Planter's Guide inaugural weed of the week.

WestCanna's Forum Cut GSC is The Planter's Guide inaugural weed of the week.

By Sujinder Juneja

The inaugural 'Weed of the Week' nod goes to the Forum Cut GSC from Vancouver’s WestCanna Medical Dispensary.

The notions of genealogy and provenance are important to understanding and appreciating what strain of cannabis will work for you, depending on the desired experience.

Wine nerds like to speak of their favourite bottles in terms of its “terroir”. Roughly translating as a “sense of place”, the idea of terroir refers to the overall environment in which a wine is created, including its geographic location, soil, aspect, climate and more. It’s this specific combination of factors which gives the best wines distinct flavours and aromas.

This provenance extends to cannabis as well, and the weed nerds that we are, we were immediately intrigued when the budtender recommended a strain that was “forum cut”. Have you heard of this? Until then, neither had we.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is one of the most well-known strains that has emerged from California. The original and most sought-after version is an Indica-dominant hybrid of F1 crossed with Durban Poison, to create F1 Durban, which is then crossed with a specific clone of OG Kush to make GSC. Depending on the source, their GSC may have been crossed with another strain over time, producing something labelled as such, but it may not look, smell or taste like it’s supposed to. The experience may also be markedly different than expected.

But the Forum Cut GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) comes from the original plant created by iconic grower Jigga in California, and we sampled it on a West Coast beach on a sunny late-Winter’s afternoon.

Organically-grown, the buds are small, but dense, covered in short, curly red hair, with only a light dusting of white crystals. Breaking a bud apart reveals subdued aromatics of thin mints, white pepper, marmalade and milk chocolate.

The flavour is light and clean, with notes similar to the nose, but expanding to include fresh baked baguette, and vanilla. The aftertaste was again pleasant and clean, with no ashen aftertaste.

As if we were laying on a beach blanket of calm, within about 30 seconds, our shoulders dropped, and a heavy sigh was released, allowing the stress of the work day to follow it out. With background sounds of children laughing, parents chatting, and waves splashing the GSC experience allowed us to appreciate the beauty and softness of the slowly sinking sunset. It also made the Ritz crackers taste better, even when covered in sand.

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What: Forum Cut GSC (Indica-dominant Hybrid)

Where: WestCanna Medical Dispensary, 700 West Broadway, Vancouver

Price: $14 / gram