Revelry's 'The Accomplice' flask is the ultimate West Coast travel companion.

Revelry's 'The Accomplice' flask is the ultimate West Coast travel companion.

By Sujinder Juneja

Many people who decide to live on the West Coast admit to being drawn to its stunning natural environment, with forests, mountains, beaches and interwoven trails offering near limitless possibilities for outdoor activities. Balance that with an enlightened dining scene, and a diverse selection of craft breweries, wineries, distilleries and dispensaries, and you’ve got the core ingredients for a fantastic adventure. But as any good Boy Scout will tell you, be prepared.

Prepping for any adventure often involves the following checklist: keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses and, of course, an “emergency” flask. We were introduced to Revelry’s ‘The Accomplice’ flask at the LIFT Cannabis Expo in Vancouver in January and purchased one on the spot.

Arguably the ultimate flask, it arrives in a durable cardboard box, protected from scuffs and scratches in a die-cut bed of flocked foam. Built of sturdy stainless steel, the flask features a screw top lid, attached to the body with a steel bracket. The flask holds 5oz of your favourite beverage, and TPG recommends the Alberta Premium Rye, a Canadian whisky that overdelivers for its modest price point. The spring compartment door on the front is elegantly embossed with the Revelry logo, but it’s the inside that counts. The door reveals a compact second container that’s perfectly made to hold your pre-rolled stash, each joint kept in place with a steel clip.

The Accomplice is durable, built to last, classy and multi-functional. But where should you use it?

Extensively tested by the TPG team, The Accomplice is essential for both everyday and extraordinary adventures, including (but not limited to): alphabetizing lists, bird watching, cuddling, diving, egg hunts, fermenting cabbage, grocery shopping, horseback riding, ice skating, juggling, kayaking, knitting, listening to music, making homebrewed beer in your backyard, napping, oar carving, pole vaulting, quilting, rescuing a baby turtle, standing on one leg, tying a shoelace, understanding quantum physics, visiting your cousins, washing your cat, xeroxing a flyer, yanking a chain, zigging and/or zagging.

What: The Accomplice Flask, by Revelry

Where: any Pacific Northwest Garden Supply location in BC.

Price: $39.99 plus tax