There are few finer things in life, beside family and community, than delicious food paired with amazing alcoholic beverages, enhanced with specifically-chosen cannabis products, usually with a killer musical playlist in the background.

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2018, The Planter's Guide is an online magazine where these essential elements are celebrated daily, as fundamental pieces of our experiential life palette, best enjoyed with friends and family.


Without nourishment, there is no life. The Planter’s Guide believes that the world’s best foods are ideally plant-based, with the natural plant world providing a flavour, colour and textural diversity that is near limitless. With the ever-increasing popularity and diversity of plant-based restaurants, food offerings and ingredients, the opportunity to create unique, healthy and delicious plant-forward food is easier than ever before. Let’s eat.


There is arguably no beverage that celebrates its ‘terroir’ (sense of place) better than wine, beer and spirits. With rich cultural traditions dating back millennia, these drinks not only reflect the flavour of the land within every glass, but can bring people together in a unique convivial and shared experience. The Planter’s Guide will explore the terroir of the winemaker, brewer and distiller that is showcased across an incredible spectrum of local wine, beer, spirits and cocktails. Let’s raise a glass.


The Cannabis plant has yet to reveal its many undiscovered benefits, mysteries and pleasures. Whether you are interested in its medical or recreational properties, The Planter’s Guide will help unearth its secrets, guiding you on the path towards the best strains, products, dispensaries and accessories, depending on your mood or situation. For us, it’s not about getting “high”, but about using the plant as a vital selection in our herb garden. Let’s be kind, bud.


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